Renting A Dance Studio For Your Theater Group To Practice

If your theater group will be performing a play that involves a lot of dancing, you will probably want to get the actors together for a few dance practices leading up to your full rehearsals. However, organizing such dance practices can be tough if you don't have a lot of space. One option is to rent a dance studio in your area for one or two nights per week in the months leading up to the performance. Here are a few tips to guide you through this rental experience.

Sign a contract.

You'll need to approach the owner of the dance studio, see what their schedule is, and work around it. For example, maybe they have classes every night until 9 pm, but they'll let you lease the studio on Monday and Friday from 9 pm to 12 am. Whatever agreement you're able to come to, make sure you get it in writing in the form of a formal contract. This protects both of you. If your group shows up to use the studio and someone else is using it, you can point out the contract. 

Consider some lessons, too.

If you have a good choreographer on staff, you may figure that you don't need any dance instruction — only space. However, it can be nice to have some outside input from another dance professional. Some studio owners will insist that you spend a certain amount on lessons if you want to lease their studio space. If the owner of the studio is insisting on this, it won't hurt to give in. You never know what cool new move your actors will learn and be able to incorporate into the play.

Make sure you're covered by insurance.

If someone falls and becomes injured while practicing at the dance studio, you want to make sure they are covered by insurance. Ask the dance studio owner if their policy protects anyone practicing on site; this is pretty common. If their policy will not cover your actors, however, you will want to buy your own insurance rider. It can take a few days to secure such a policy, so plan ahead and do not let anyone dance on the premises until the policy is in effect.

Renting a dance studio can make it much easier for your actors to practice for an upcoming play. Just make sure you take care of logistics, such as a contract and insurance, beforehand.

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